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About Q2L

Quest to Learn supports all students in the pursuit of academic excellence, social responsibility, respect for others, and a passion for lifelong learning. The school is committed to seeing every student achieve the excellence required for college and career, and enabling every student to develop the skills and habits of mind needed to navigate successfully today's increasingly complex, information-rich global world.

Quest to Learn supports a uniquely vibrant learning community that brings together students, educators, game designers, curriculum specialists and parents. This community is committed to student success with a singular focus, but also recognizes that student success ultimately depends on the commitment of each and every community member to his or her own continuous learning and participation.

The learning community Quest to Learn supports extends far beyond the walls of the school, deep into the cultural fabric of the New York City, and beyond, across the globe. The school supports the kinds of connections required to knit together and leverage all the opportunities for learning that exist in a student's life, online and in the real world. Quest to Learn is committed to the ongoing development of partnerships with cultural institutions, social development organizations, companies and others to make learning live in the world and empower students to create their own opportunities.

Quest to Learn is a New York City, District 2, public school. The school is a collaboration between the Department of Education, New Visions for Public Schools, and the Institute of Play. Please watch the video below where Katie Salen, Executive Director of the Institute of Play, talks about what makes Quest to Learn a special place to learn.

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