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Quest is looking for students who are:

  • Creative

  • College and Career-Focused

  • Curious

  • Hands-on-Learners

  • Technology, Design, Art, and Media Enthusiasts

  • Game Lovers

  • Great Collaborators

  • Interested in the way things work

Quest to Learn, as does all District 2 Choice schools, uses its own selection criteria to enroll students we believe will be the best fit for success with our hands-on, game-based curriculum. After researching and selecting schools, students submit their ranked choices of schools to the Department of Education, which then matches students to schools. Some NYC schools require specific test scores, some use writing samples as a selection tool, and others require an audition in order to be accepted. At Quest, Informed Choice means that students and families must demonstrate an understanding of Quest’s unique curriculum and that they have actively chosen Quest as the right school for their child by attending an Open House or tour. At Quest, we believe that this will create a vibrant learning environment and engaged school community.


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