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Q2L Glossary

Being, Space and Place - A middle school clas connecting social studies with reading and writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry and comics.

Boss Level - One- week "intensive" where students apply acquired knowledge and skills to propose solutions to complex problems.

Canvas - Q2L's learning management system where students and parents can view and submit assignments and track their progress in domain classes.

Codeworlds - A middle school class where math meets English language ars and language rules the day.

Discovery Lab - A 3-4 day community building  time where the school focuses on one school-wide issue.

Gamestar Mechanic - An online game that teaches game design and systems thinking.

Home Base - 10-12 kids + one very interested adult = student advisories that meet twice a week.

Institute of Play - Quest to Learn's founding partner.

Learning Strategist - Teachers with a license in Special Education that work with General Education teachers to differentiate for all students at Quest.

Mission Lab - Quest to Learn's game design and curriculum development studio.

Missions - 10 week units that give students a complex problem they must solve.

Morning Meeting - A middle school wide meeting that takes place once a week where students and teachers think, reflect and respond to issues and ideas in the community.

Q2L -  Quest to Learn

Qlink - A school-based social network site where students can communicate, post work, collaborate and reflect.

Quests - Challenge-based lessons that make up Missions.

SMALLab - Mixed reality learning lab focused on embodied learning.

Smartool - A "tool to think with" that students create as part of their class work.

Sports for the Mind - A middle school class focused on digital media, game design and systems thinking.

The Way Things Work - A middle school science and math class where students learn how to take all kinds of systems apart and put them back together again.

Wellness - A class designed to get students moving and thinking about ways to be healthy - including everything from nutrition to sports to mental, social and emotional health.

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